Custom reports

If you're on the the Advanced Shopify or Shopify Plus plan, then you can create custom reports that use Shopify's advanced reporting features. Custom reports show similar information to the other Shopify reports, but with any additional filters, dimensions, and metrics that you add to see the exact data that you need.

If you have legacy saved reports, then you can find those in the Custom section of the Reports page too.

Creating custom reports

If you would like to see reports other than the reports that are available by default, you can either duplicate and customize existing reports or create new reports. Your store staff can see the reports that you create and they can duplicate and modify those reports.

There are some differences between default and custom reports:

  • Default reports: you can click Duplicate or Save in the header of a report page to create a new report. Both options will create and save a new report (with a name that you give) based on the default report. However, when you click Save, you will save any modifications that you made to the default report.
  • Custom reports: as with default reports, you can click Duplicate to create a new report (with a name that you give) based on the last saved version of the report. When you click Save, you will save any changes made to the report. If you leave the report without clicking Save, you will lose any changes that you made.

To create a report:

  1. Click Create custom report:

    Create custom report button

  2. From the Choose starting point dialog, select the type of report that you'd like to start:

    Choose starting point dialog
  3. If you want to give the report a descriptive name, then enter it under Title:

    Enter custom report title

  4. Click Create custom report.

  5. Customize your new report by adding filters, dimensions, and metrics:

    Custom report page

  6. When you're finished building the report, click Save.


If you want to print, rename, or delete the report, then you can do so by clicking on the ... button and selecting the option.

The report will be displayed as a separate report on the Reports page of your Shopify admin in the Custom reports section:

New report

Legacy saved reports


Legacy saved reports will be removed on January 15, 2017. If you still use any legacy saved reports, then you can create custom reports to replace them.

Previously you could create reports based on Product sales and Order sales. Those reports are now combined in the Sales reports. If you saved Product sales or Order sales reports, then they appear on the Reports page in your Shopify admin as custom reports:

Reports index custom reports section

The Custom reports section shows your most recently used custom and legacy saved reports. If you want to see all of your custom and legacy saved reports, then click View all custom reports:

Custom reports page

You can click a legacy saved reports to view it:

Legacy saved report example

You can't modify the reports that appear in the Legacy saved reports section. If you want to duplicate a legacy saved report, then you need to create a new report with the same values on the Reports page in your Shopify admin.

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