Swipe (30 pin) card reader

Available only from Shopify

About the Swipe (30 pin) card reader

The Swipe (30 pin) card reader is a MagTek iDynamo reader configured to work with Shopify POS. It's a robust design, reliable for large volumes of card swipes.

30 pin reader

You can use the Swipe (30 pin) card reader with:

  • iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4S
  • iPad 2/3,4.


To use any of the encrypted card readers supported by Shopify, you must have Shopify Payments or a supported third-party gateway enabled as your payment gateway.

Installing the Swipe (30 pin) card reader

30 pin reader

To install the Swipe (30 pin) card reader, just attach the connector to your iPad or iPhone. If you don't have an iPad stand, you can use the plastic adaptors provided with the reader to make sure it is secure.


If your card reader isn't working, go through the following steps with a test order for a $1.00 quick sale item (you can refund the order later):

  1. Check that the reader is correctly plugged into your POS device and the device case is not in the way.

  2. Make sure that you are swiping the card correctly, with the magnetic strip facing away from you.

  3. Unplug the card reader, and then plug it into the POS device again. Check that you see a Card reader connected notification:

    Card reader notification

  4. Try entering the credit card information manually. If this works, then there is a problem with the card reader.

  5. If the manual entry doesn't work, force quit the Shopify POS app, turn off the iPad, and unplug the card reader. Turn the iPad back on, open the Shopify POS app, plug in the card reader, and try another test order.

If your card reader is still not working, contact the Shopify Support team. You can also consult the manufacturer's Installation and Operation Manual if you have problems with your card reader.

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