Receipt printers

A printer is not essential for a Shopify POS system, because you can send all your receipts by email.

If you want the option to print paper receipts, you must:

  • upgrade to the retail package for Shopify POS
  • use one of the Star Micronics receipt printers that the retail package supports.

We also recommend that you use an Apple AirPort WiFi Extender with the Star Micronics receipt printer. Our support for other routers is very limited.

Supported Star Micronics printer models

Supported receipt printer models are:

Take care with model names

If you buy the USB or LAN receipt printer, you might notice that the name is shown on the front of the printer as TSP100. This is no cause for concern, as the number isn't in fact the name of the individual model, but of that whole range of Star Micronics printers.

If you want to confirm the exact model number of the printer that you have, look for a label that's typically fixed to the underside of the printer. This label shows the:

  • model range (TSP100)
  • serial number
  • power rating
  • model number (143LAN or 100USB).

Connect the printer cables

Two cables with slightly different connectors are supplied with a Complete Kit from Shopify. One cable connects the printer to the cash drawer, and the other connects the printer to your router. Take care to use the correct cable in each case:

Printer cables

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