Configuring your wi-fi network

We recommend that you use one of the supported wi-fi network configurations described here.

Default mode (also known as normal mode or WiFi mode)

The default mode uses an Apple AirPort WiFi range extender (either an AirPort Extreme or an AirPort Express) to connect your Shopify POS system to your network.

Pos default mode fixed


If you're using the Star TSP100USB receipt printer, you must use an Apple AirPort. The printer won't work with any other router. Connect the devices using the USB cable provided with the printer.

Client mode

Use this configuration if your modem is some distance from your Shopify POS setup. It uses:

  • a modem
  • two AirPort WiFi extenders.

The modem is hard-wired to the first AirPort, which is connected wirelessly to the second, as shown:

Pos client mode fixed


Using two AirPorts is better than any configuration that uses a third-party router. No major issues have been reported for this configuration, although Apple is better equipped to help you with the setup if you encounter problems.

Problems with a supported configuration?

If you have problems using a supported configuration to connect to your network, please contact Support and we'll be happy to help.

Alternative network configurations

You can find some information about alternative network configurations here, but they fall outside the scope of our support policy.

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