Shopify POS retail package

All Shopify plans include access to the Shopify POS app (iOS and Android). Both versions of Shopify POS are compatible with the Swipe (audio-jack) card reader. If you want to use more advanced retail hardware, then you need to add the retail package to your Shopify plan for an additional monthly fee.

The retail package lets you build your business in some great ways:

  • connect with additional retail hardware such as a receipt printer, cash drawer, or barcode scanner
  • track your cash float and summarize daily register totals
  • add unlimited staff members with PIN entry
  • save shopping carts during checkout, and retrieve them later.

Find out how to add the retail package to your Shopify plan.

Need help deciding if you need the retail package? Compare its features with basic Shopify POS:


Shopify POS for Android does not support the retail package.

Features Basic POS Retail package (iPad) Retail package (iPhone)
Shopify-supported card reader Yes Yes Yes
Moneris card reader No Yes No
Partial payments Yes Yes Yes
Shopify Payments and external payments Yes Yes Yes
Syncs with online Yes Yes Yes
Physical gift cards (Shopify plan and higher) No Yes No
Register shifts No Yes No
Multi-staff login with PIN screen No Yes No
POS staff PINs No Yes No
In-app PIN screen No Yes No
Save cart function No Yes No
Gift receipts No Yes No
Third-party payment providers (supported providers only) No Yes Yes

The Shopify retail package provides in-app support for the following hardware components:

Add the retail package to your Shopify plan

You can add the retail package to your Shopify plan from the Point of Sale Setup page in your Shopify admin.

To add the retail package:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Point of Sale, and then click Setup.

  2. In the Retail package section, click Enable.

  3. A dialog displays showing how the retail package will affect your subscription fee. Click Add Retail Package.

If you ever want to remove the retail package from your Shopify plan, you can do so from the Point of Sale Setup page of your Shopify admin by clicking Remove Retail Package.

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