Using discounts codes in Shopify POS for Android


Discount codes are not supported in Shopify POS for iPad or iPhone at this time.

In Shopify POS for Android, you can enter a discount code that you've created in your Shopify admin to apply it to an in-person transaction.

To apply a discount code to a cart:

  1. From the Shopify POS Cart total screen, tap ADD DISCOUNT CODE:
    Add discount code android
  2. Discount codes that you've used recently or most often appear beneath the Discount code field. If you see the code that you want to use, then tap it:
    Recently used codes android
  3. If you do not see the code that you want to use, then enter it in the Discount code field:
    Enter discount code android
  4. Tap the checkmark button.
  5. The Cart total screen updates to show the discount code. If you want to remove the discount code, then tap the X button:
    Discounted cart total android

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