Saving and retrieving a Shopify POS cart


Carts can't be saved in Shopify POS for iPhone or Android.

If you are using Shopify POS with retail package, you can save shopping carts for later retrieval. This enables you to continue with other orders without losing the details of the current order if it can't yet be completed.

Save the cart Suspend the transaction if it's interrupted or your customer wants to come back later.
Retrieve a saved cart Continue with a suspended transaction.


This feature is for temporarily saving the contents of individual carts, and won't work as a cart template. You can't use it to generate a number of repeated or identical orders, such as corporate or promotional gifts.

Save the cart for later retrieval

Saving a cart is useful if your customer's at checkout and then wants to go back to look for something else. You can continue serving other customers and return to the saved cart when you're ready.

A saved cart is available only on the iPad it was saved on. Every staff member has access to all the saved carts on an iPad.

Carts are saved until they are retrieved, or until you log out of the Shopify POS app.

To save the current shopping cart:

  1. From the products and cart screen, tap ... (the tray button) in the top right corner of the screen:

    Cart tray button
  2. Tap Save cart:

    Save cart

You can retrieve this cart when you're ready to continue with the order.

You can begin a new transaction in the meantime.

Retrieve a saved cart

To retrieve a saved cart:

  1. From the products and cart screen, tap ... (the tray button) in the top right corner:

    Cart tray button
  2. Tap Retrieve cart (or Retrieve carts, if more than one cart has been saved):

    Retrieve cart
  3. Tap the cart you want to retrieve:

    Choose cart

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