Selling a gift card on Shopify POS

If your store's on the Shopify plan or higher, then you can activate the gift card feature on your store. Gift cards will be added to your product list automatically, and you can then sell them in person using Shopify POS.

Choose a gift card format

With Shopify POS for iPad, you can sell gift cards in any of these formats:

  • a physical gift card
  • an online gift card that you email to the customer
  • a paper copy that you print from your receipt printer

To learn about the requirements for using gift cards in Shopify POS, see Requirements to sell and redeem gift cards with Shopify POS.

Sell a gift card on Shopify POS

To sell a gift card on Shopify POS:

  1. From your Shopify POS products and cart screen, tap the gift card product. If you can't see the gift card product, try sending the Shopify POS app to run in the background and then restoring it.

  2. Choose a preset value for the gift card from the drop-down menu, or create a Custom Amount:

    Gift card variants

  3. If you're setting a custom value for the gift card, then enter the amount into the box that displays, and tap Done.

  4. If you've enabled physical gift cards, then do one of the following, then tap Done:

    • scan the card with the front-facing camera on your iPad
    • use our supported 2D barcode scanner to scan the card's barcode (the 1D scanner won't work)
    • enter the gift card's code number.


      If you sell both physical and printed gift cards, then Shopify POS won't generate gift card codes automatically. If you want to sell a printed gift card, then you need to assign the gift card code manually. All gift card codes must have at least eight digits.

  5. The gift card product is added to the cart. Tap Charge to continue to checkout.

  6. Process the customer's payment, and then tap Complete order.

  7. When the post-checkout screen appears, complete the sale of online or paper gift cards by doing one of the following:

    • enter the customer's email and click Send
    • tap Print receipt and gift card to print a paper receipt if you have a printer installed.


When you exit this screen, you will not be able to retrieve the validation code for online gift cards. This is a security feature and prevents your gift cards from being exposed if your account is breached.

The gift card shows:

  • the name of your store
  • the monetary value of the card
  • the validation code
  • a two-dimensional barcode.


Physical gift cards from the Shopify Hardware Store carry pre-assigned numbers, but you can customize the rest of the design if required.

Refund the purchase of a gift card on Shopify POS

You can refund the purchase of a gift card from Shopify POS, but you need disable the card before you make the refund:

  1. From your Shopify POS Orders screen, tap the order that has the gift card that you want to refund.

  2. Tap the gift card number:
    Gift card number on order details screen — Shopify POS for iPad
  3. Tap Disable gift card, and then tap Confirm.

  4. On the order details screen, tap Refund.

  5. Use the + and - buttons beside each product in the order to enter the quantity that you're refunding:
    + and - buttons in Refund dialog — Shopify POS for iPad
  6. Tap Refund.

  7. In the Refund Payment dialog, tap Refund.

  8. When the refund is successful, tap Done.

Sell a gift card on Shopify POS

When you sell a gift card, you attach a customer to the order during checkout. After the transaction is complete, the customer receives an email with a link to their gift card, which they can redeem online or in person.

Currently you can sell only emailed gift cards with Shopify POS for Android. Although you can't sell printed or physical gift cards, you can accept them as payment. To learn about redeeming gift cards, see Redeeming a gift card on Shopify POS.

To sell a gift card in Shopify POS:

  1. From the Shopify POS checkout, find and tap a gift card product.
  2. Tap the amount for the gift card.
  3. Tap SUBTOTAL.
  4. Tap Add customer:
    Add customer button on the Cart screen — Shopify POS for Android
  5. Select an existing customer, or tap the + button to create a new customer.
  6. On the Cart screen, after you've added a customer, tap CHARGE, and then process the customer's payment.
  7. When the payment is successful, tap Send receipt and gift card:
    Send receipt and gift card button on the Total paid screen
  8. Confirm that the customer's details are entered correctly, and then tap the check mark to send the receipt and gift card.
  9. Tap DONE to return to the Shopify POS checkout screen.

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