Managing orders, refunds, and exchanges

From the Shopify POS Orders screen, you can review order details and refund orders. If you're using Shopify POS for iPad, then you can also complete partial payments.

Shopify POS for iPad Orders screen

Pos orders screen ipad

From the Orders screen you can:


If you are using Shopify POS for iPad with the retail package, then you can enable the Limited permissions option so that staff with POS PINs can't view orders from other locations.

Open the Orders screen from your iPhone

With Shopify POS for iPhone, you can manage your orders by quickly accessing the Orders screen of the Shopify app (if you have it installed) or your Shopify admin. To open the Orders screen:

  1. From the Shopify POS, tap the button:
    Menu button iphone
  2. From the menu, tap Orders:
    Orders button iphone

The Orders screen opens in either the Shopify app (if you've installed it on your iPhone) or your Shopify admin in your iPhone's browser.

Shopify POS for Android Orders screen

Orders screen android

From the Orders screen you can:

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