Completing and refunding orders


The Orders screen is available only in Shopify POS for iPad.

On the Orders screen, you can complete partial payments and make refunds.

Complete a partial payment

To complete a partial payment:

  1. On the Orders screen, tap an order to view its details.
  2. Tap Take payment. You will be taken to the payment screen:

    Take payment button
  3. Tap Add payment and choose the payment method.

  4. Enter the amount that the customer will be paying.

  5. Tap Complete order.

Refund an order

  1. On the Orders screen, tap on an order to view its details.
  2. Tap Refund:

    Refund button
  3. By default, none of the products from the order are selected. Tap any items that you want to refund to add them to the list:

    Select refunded products
  4. Tap Done.

  5. If the customer used more than one payment method to pay for the order, then you can set the refund amount for each payment method:

    Refund amount dialog
  6. Tap Confirm to process the refund.

  7. Tap Done to return to the order details page.

Refund an order to a gift card

If you have gift cards enabled, then you can make a refund to a gift card so that your customer can redeem a store credit at a later date:

  1. On the Orders screen, tap an order.

  2. Tap Refund, then tap Done.

  3. Tap Add store credit. Store credit is used for the full refund amount by default. Tap the payment amounts to edit how much is paid by each of the repayment methods:

    Add store credit

  4. Tap Confirm to process the refund.

  5. When the refund is successful, tap Done.

  6. From the Shopify POS products screen, add a gift card for the refund amount to the cart.

  7. Tap Total to go to the Select Payment screen.

  8. Tap Store Credit.

  9. Tap Complete order.

Mark an order as fulfilled

If a completed Shopify POS order is marked in your Orders screen as Not Fulfilled, you can't mark it as fulfilled from the Shopify POS app. You must log in to your Shopify admin to fulfill the order.

You can mark an order as fulfilled while it's still in the cart:

  1. From the Shopify POS products screen, tap the tray icon:

    Cart tray button
  2. Tap the Mark as fulfilled toggle button to enable the option:

    Mark as fulfilled
  3. Tap outside the tray area to close it, then continue with the order.

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