Exchanging an item


Exchanging an item requires store credit, which is available only in Shopify POS for iPad. You can't make an exchange with store credit using Shopify POS for iPhone or Android.

The best way to exchange an item is to refund it first using store credit, and then use store credit to purchase the new item that the customer wants instead.

If only part of a refund is being used to purchase another item, and the rest is being returned to the customer, then you can split the refund amount between the original payment method and store credit. The amount that's paid by the original payment method will be returned to the customer, and the amount that's paid by store credit will be used to purchase the new item.

This process:

  • reconciles end-of-day reports

  • reconciles inventory levels

  • avoids credit card refunds (minimizes transaction fees).


You need to have Store Credit enabled on the Payments settings screen to exchange items.

To make an exchange using store credit:

  1. From the Orders screen, tap the customer's original order to view its details.

  2. Tap Refund Order.

  3. Use the + and - beside each product to enter the quantity that the customer's returning:

    Refund order screen ipad

  4. If you want to restock the returned items, then enable the Restock option.

  5. Enable the Issue store credit option.

  6. Tap Refund.

  7. In the Refund Payment window, make sure that the amount beside STORE CREDIT is correct:

    Refund payment screen

    • If the returned product is less expensive than the product that the customer wants instead, then refund the entire amount to store credit. You can take additional payment at checkout.
    • If the returned product is more expensive than the product that the customer wants instead, then refund only the cost of the new product to store credit, and refund the balance to the original payment method.
  8. Tap Refund.

  9. When the refund is successful, tap Done.

  10. Create a new order for the product that the customer wants to purchase instead, and then tap Total.

  11. From the Select payment screen, tap Store Credit, and then enter the amount of store credit that you issued to the customer.

  12. If there's an outstanding balance, then tap Add payment to take additional payment from the customer using another payment method.

  13. When the payment amount is correct, tap Complete order.

The purchase has effectively been exchanged and your inventory levels for each product have been properly updated.


Store credit is not attached to a customer account or issued as a receipt. If you want to offer a customer store credit towards a purchase at a later date, you should make a refund to a gift card or issue them a gift card instead.

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