Buy Online with Shopify POS

With Buy Online for Shopify POS on iPad, you can create a cart and send your customer an email that lets them complete their checkout online. The email includes a summary of the customer's cart and a link to your store's online checkout.

After the email is sent, the order is saved as a draft in Shopify until the customer clicks the link and completes the checkout. When the customer has paid for their cart, the draft is saved as a completed order on the Orders page in Shopify.

When the Buy Online email is sent, the staff member who's logged into Shopify POS is recorded as the person who made the sale. You can track staff member sales in the sales by staff report.

You can send an email for a cart only if you're accepting payment for the entire order. You can't accept partial payment in person, and then send a Buy Online email to collect the balance.

To send a Buy Online email:

  1. From the Shopify POS checkout, add the customer's choice of products to the cart.

  2. Optional: Customize the cart by adding any of the following:

    • a cart note
    • line-item discounts
    • a cart discount
    • a customer
    • shipping
    • customized taxes

    Read more about customizing the cart.

  3. When you're ready to send a Buy Online email for the cart, tap the ... button:
    ... button on the checkout screen — Shopify POS for iPad
  4. Tap Buy online:
    Buy online button — Shopify POS for iPad
  5. Enter the customer's email address.

  6. Optional: Customize the subject line of the email.

  7. Optional: Enter a message that will be included in the email.

  8. Tap Send.

The order is saved as a draft order in Shopify and the customer receives a Buy Online email. The email contains a link to a checkout where the customer can pay for their cart. When the customer pays for their cart, an order is created in Shopify.

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