Touchscreen gestures

Learn about the gestures you can use with your touchscreen, and the different touchscreen buttons available on the Shopify POS app.

User gestures

Refresh Drag your finger down on a screen to refresh the content.
Swipe Rapidly drag your finger across an area of the screen to trigger a change.
Tap Tap your finger on a part of the interface. Synonymous with the term "click" when referring to handheld devices.
Enter Type in alphanumeric text using the onscreen keyboard.
Tap and hold From the products and cart screen, press your finger on a product for about three seconds to display the product's details.

Touchscreen buttons

Icon Function


On the products and cart screen, you can tap the Tray button (three small circles) to display additional features:

  • Add note

    Add a note to an order.

  • Add shipping information

    Add a shipping address to an order.

  • Mark as fulfilled

    Mark the order as fulfilled or unfulfilled.

  • Save Cart

    Save the current cart and all its products for later retrieval.

  • Retrieve Cart

    Display a list of saved carts so that you can choose one to retrieve.

Some POS embedded apps appear in the Tray menu.

Main menu

Tap the main menu button (three horizontal lines) to access the following sections of the Shopify POS app:

  • Checkout
  • Orders
  • Register
  • Apps
  • Settings.


Takes you to the checkout section of the app, where you can view the products available on your Shopify POS store and process transactions.


Takes you to the Orders screen, where you can review all your Shopify POS orders (you can also see these in your Shopify admin).


Takes you to the Register screen, where you can open, review, modify, or close a register shift.


Takes you to the Apps screen, where you can view the POS embedded apps that you've installed.


Takes you to the Settings screen, where you can customize the functionality of the Shopify POS app.


Enables you to enter a search query, and returns the matching results. Available on the products, cart (specific to customers), and Orders screens.

Add Note

Enables you to add a note to an order.


Creates a new product from the products and cart screen.

Creates a new register shift from the Register screen.


Returns you to the previous screen.


Tap an ON/OFF toggle button to enable or disable a feature. If the button is to the left-hand side, the feature is disabled. If the button is to the right-hand side, the feature is enabled.

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