Buy Button FAQ

How do I remove the Buy Button channel from my Shopify admin?
From the Sales channels page, click the trash icon beside Buy Button.

How do I remove a buy button or embedded cart from my webpage?
Delete the embed code that you added to your webpage.

Can I update an existing buy button to show a different product?
Yes, by editing the embed code. You can change the data-product_handle attribute in the embed code to correspond with a different product. Otherwise you must create a new buy button in Shopify that features the product you want, and then generate new embed code to replace the embed code for the previous buy button.

Why isn't this buy button connecting to my embedded cart?
If you want a buy button to connect with an embedded cart, make sure that you set the Where the button links to* option to Cart when you're creating the button in Shopify. If you want to redirect an existing buy button to an embedded cart, you can edit the buy button's embed code to set its data-redirect_to attribute to cart.

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