Obtain explicit consent to transfer EU customer data to the U.S.

A ruling by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has invalidated the existing Safe Harbor Framework, which allowed the transfer of data between the EU and the U.S. As a response to the continuing negotiations between the EU and U.S., a notice for all EU customers has been implemented on the checkout page of your store.


Disclaimer: This article is not meant to discuss EU privacy law, nor does it recommend a course of action. This is not a legal document. Everything we'll discuss here will be how the feature can help you in obtaining EU customer consent regarding the transfer of their data to the U.S. If the customer refuses to provide their consent, they will not continue with their transaction.

Checkout notice

The notice in checkout informs EU customers that their personal data will be transferred to the U.S. for processing if they wish to proceed with their transaction. This feature will automatically appear on the checkout page for geo-located EU customers with default language provided:

Eu consent checkout


A customer's withdrawal of consent is not retroactive. Refusing consent will prevent any further transfer of their personal information to the U.S.

Modify default language

You can modify the default language of the notice in your Checkout settings.

To edit the default language:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings, then click Checkout.

  2. In the Checkout language section, click Manage checkout language.

  3. In the Consent notice for european customers text box, enter your new message:

    Eu consent default1

  4. Click Save.

Did you know?

To remove this message from your checkout, enter a space in the Consent notice for european customers field.

For any questions or concerns regarding this feature, please visit our support page.


This feature is meant to assist you in obtaining consent from your customers. It does not guarantee compliance with EU privacy law.

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