Order fulfillment and archiving settings

You configure order fulfillment and archiving from your Checkout settings page.

Configure your order fulfillment settings


Before fulfilling an order or capturing payment for the first time, make sure you've configured your Checkout and Payment settings.

When you fulfill an order in Shopify, you initiate the process of sending the order on its way to the customer. The customer is automatically sent an email telling them their item has shipped, and the order's Fulfillment Status is shown as Fulfilled on the Orders page.


If you've already set up order processing in your store admin and selected "Automatically fulfill all of the order's line items," then this step is unnecessary and you can move right to archiving orders.

When you choose your Order Processing settings, you'll decide whether you want to fulfill items automatically or manually based on the needs of your specific store.

There are 3 different options for fulfilling orders:

Automatically fulfill orders

Automatic fulfillment is the most hands-off way to fulfill your orders, but it is only suitable for some types of product. You can use automatic payment capturing with automatic fulfillment if you don't have any products available for preorder, you're selling digital downloads, or you’re using a fulfillment service.

If you've already set up your order processing section, this step is complete. If not, follow the steps below to set up automatic order fulfillment for every order.


If you have chosen to manually capture payment for your orders, you will have to capture funds before your order can be automatically fulfilled.

To set up automatic order fulfillment:

  1. Find the Order processing section.

  2. Under the heading After an order has been paid, select Automatically fulfill the order's line items. You may also select Notify customers of their shipment via email if you want an email to be sent when the order is automatically fulfilled:

    Automatic fulfillment

  3. Click Save.

Every new order that comes into your store will now be fulfilled automatically.


If you are using a fulfillment service to ship your products, make sure that you have enabled the fulfillment service of your choice. Check out this article to find out all about Shopify-supported fulfillment services.

Order archiving settings

You can choose to have your orders automatically closed after they've been paid for and shipped.

If you want precise control over your orders, want to be more part of the process, or want to monitor your orders closely, leave this box unchecked and manually close orders after you've fulfilled them.

To automatically close orders after fulfillment:

  1. Scroll down to the Order processing area.

    Order processing 1
  2. Under After an order has been fulfilled and paid there is one option:

    • Automatically archive the order. This option will automatically close an order after it has been paid and fulfilled. Select this feature if you do not want to manually close all orders after they have been fulfilled and paid.
  3. Click Save.

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