Adding refund, privacy, and terms of service statements

Shopify allows you to create or generate a refund, privacy and terms-of-service policy right from your shop admin. Once you've created your policies, they'll show up as links in the footer area of your checkout pages.

While we offer awesome default templates, you are ultimately responsible for your own TOS - so you should review them carefully before posting them to your shop.

To create refund, privacy and terms of service statements:

  1. Scroll down to the Refund, Privacy and TOS Statements area.

  2. Click the Generate sample policy.

    Refund tos 1
  3. You can make adjustments to the policy as needed.

  4. Remember to scroll down and hit Save when you're done entering your policies.

To find out more about refund, privacy and TOS policies, check out our blog post on the Shopify Policy Template Generator.

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