Activating the Messenger channel

After you’ve confirmed your store’s eligibility for the Messenger channel, you need to add it to your Shopify admin so that your customers can sign up to receive Messenger notifications on the payment page of your checkout.

You can add the Messenger channel from the Sales channels page in your Shopify admin.

To add the Messenger channel:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click the + button beside the Sales channels heading.

  2. On the Add sales channel dialog, find Messenger within the list of available channels, and then click Learn more.

  3. Click Add channel.

  4. After you've reviewed the terms of service, click Connect account:

    Connect account

  5. Give Shopify permission to view your public profile:

    Public profile

  6. Give Shopify permission to manage your Pages and send massages from Pages you manage:

    Manage pages

  7. In the Facebook page section, select the Facebook page that you want to connect to the Messenger channel, and then click Connect page:

    Connect page

After you confirm your Facebook account, the Messenger channel is ready to use. When the Messenger channel is active:

  • You can display Message Us buttons on your online store. These buttons are disabled by default. You can enable and customize the Message Us buttons from the Messenger channel's Customizations page in Shopify.
  • Customers can sign up for Messenger updates on your checkout page.

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