Customizing your store's notifications

After you activate the Messenger channel, you can customize the appearance of the Message Us buttons that appear on your store, and edit the automated messages that your customers receive in Messenger.

Customize the Message Us button

After you activate the Messenger channel, a Message Us button appears in the footer of every page on your online store. You can customize the button's appearance and location from the Customizations page in Shopify.

To customize your Message Us buttons:

  1. On the Customizations page, find the Message Us button section, and make the changes that you want. You can change the Position, Size, and Button color:
    Select button options from drop down menus
  2. When you're done, click Save.

Customize your automated messages

Your customers receive various automated messages when they use Messenger to browse your products, make an order, and track their shipments.


If you have already set up a Messenger greeting in Facebook, then the welcome greeting you set in Shopify won't be sent to customers. Learn how to turn off the Facebook welcome message at the Facebook Help Center.

You can customize these automated messages from the Customizations page in Shopify.

To customize your automated messages:

  1. On the Customizations page, find the Message templates section, and click the name of the template that you want to change:
    • Order confirmation
    • Shipping update
    • Shipment out for delivery
    • Shipment delivered
    • Welcome greeting
    • Collections intro
    • Product messages
    • Options intro
    • No products


You can use the Liquid variable order_number in the Before receipt section of the Order confirmation template to display the customer's order number. You can use the variable your_shop_website in the No products template to display a link to your online store. You can't use any other Liquid variables in Messenger templates.

  1. On the Edit message page, enter the text that you want to appear in the automated message. In this example, you can see the Order confirmation message:
    Customize order confirmation message
    Some options, such as the Shipping update, let you customize the button copy that appears within the chat:
    Customize shipping update message
  2. When you're done, click Save.

Customize the Messenger menu

You can customize the menu that displays in Messenger when a customer starts a conversation with your store. The default menu contains buttons to Shop now, View website, and Learn more. You can change the button names, disable or enable the View website link or Custom message buttons, and customize the settings for the buttons from the Customizations page in Shopify.

To customize the menu:

  1. In the Messenger Menu section, click Customize menu.
  2. Make your changes:

    • To change the text that displays on a button, enter your text in one of the Button name fields.
    • To direct the website link button to a url, enter the url in the Website link field.
    • To set an automated message for your customers, enter the message in the CUSTOM MESSAGE section.
    • Check or uncheck the boxes in the VISIT WEBSITE LINK or CUSTOM MESSAGE sections to enable or disable these buttons. You can't disable the SHOP NOW button.
  3. Click Save.

Facebook messaging policy

If a customer hasn't sent a Facebook message to your business's Facebook page in over 24 hours, then Facebook will restrict the messages you can send to that customer. To make sure the order confirmation and shipping update messages are delivered, some message customizations might not be displayed. Read more about Facebook's Standard Messaging, 24 Hour Window Policy.

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