Order notifications

After you activate the Messenger channel in your Shopify admin, your customers can sign up to receive Messenger updates from your store at checkout. They'll receive notifications when their orders are completed and shipped, and have the ability to shop for other products directly from your conversations in Messenger.


Customers can't sign up for order updates when you are selling with the Messenger sales channel in a currency that Facebook does not support. The Shop Now and Buy Now buttons still work, and customers can buy your products in Messenger chats with your online store. Read more about currencies Facebook supports.

Send notifications about orders and shipping

When customers check out from your store, they will see a Messenger widget on your checkout page that opts them in to receiving updates from you:

Notifications widget


To see the Messenger widget, customers need to be logged in to their Facebook accounts from their browsers when they check out from your store.

After completing checkout, customers will receive their first message — their order confirmation:

Order confirmation

You can customize these messages from the Messenger channel's Customizations page in your Shopify admin. Customers can tap the order confirmation to view more details:

Order details

Customers who have opted in to receive updates won't see the widget on your checkout page the next time they buy something from you.

When you ship the order, your customers will be notified as well:

Shipment on its way

Your customers will receive a similar update when the package is out for delivery.

Customers can opt out of receiving updates at any time by turning off the widget from their order status page:

Turn off widget

Customers can access the order status page by clicking View order in Messenger:

Click view order

Turn off notifications for a Facebook user

If a customer accidentally places an order while logged in to the wrong Facebook account and opts in to order updates, then the order updates might be sent through Messenger to the wrong Facebook user. This can result in confusion for the Facebook user, who would not have any knowledge of the order. Since this Facebook user does not have access to the order status page, they can't turn off the order update notifications. You can turn off order updates that are being sent to the wrong Facebook user:

  1. In your Shopify admin, click Orders.

  2. Click the order which is sending notifications to the incorrect Facebook user.

  3. On the order details page, click ... and select View order status page:

    Order menu
  4. In the Customer section of the order status page, find the Messenger updates box. Click TURN OFF to disable order updates for this order:

    Turn order updates off

The Facebook user will no longer receive notifications for this order.

Worried about getting too many updates?

There are a couple of ways that you can manage your updates.

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