Processing orders received through the Facebook sales channel


Make sure you understand and follow the key terms of Facebook's Sales Policy when you process Facebook sales. Facebook holds merchants accountable to specific timelines and other requirements for fulfillment, returns, and shipping of those orders.

Identifying Facebook sales

To view a list of your Facebook sales:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Orders.
  2. Open the Filter orders drop-down menu.
  3. Choose Sales channel and Facebook.
  4. Click Add filter:
    Fb channel filter orders
  5. From the Orders page, click the order number of the order you want to view. Each order placed directly through Facebook is flagged in the Order Details area on the order's page:
    Fb channel flagged order

Understanding Facebook's Sales Policy

Facebook's Sales Policy provides guidelines for processing your Facebook sales, including:

Receiving new orders

Orders placed through the Facebook sales channel appear on the Orders page in your Shopify admin approximately one hour after they are created.

Shipping orders

According to Facebook's Sales Policy, orders placed through the Facebook sales channel should be shipped within two business days of purchase. If an order is not shipped after five business days, it can be automatically canceled and refunded by Facebook. If you need additional time to ship an order, contact Facebook support to arrange a new delivery schedule.


For products that require special delivery or handling, make sure the product descriptions indicate whether or not they will be fulfilled within the time specified in Facebook's Sales Policy.

Handling returns

According to Facebook's Sales Policy, you must accept the return of a product sold through the Facebook sales channel as long as it is:

  • still in new and unused condition
  • returned within 45 days.


Refer to the complete Sales Policy to make sure that your own use of the Facebook sales channel follows Facebook's guidelines.

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