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Shopify's Google Shopping channel automatically syncs your products and relevant information about your Shopify store with the Google Merchant Center. You can then update your Google product listings directly from your Shopify admin. After you've synced with the Google Merchant Center, you can use Google AdWords to create marketing campaigns for your products on Google Shopping.

Store requirements

The most important part of preparing for Google Shopping is making sure that your online store meets the Google Merchant Center requirements. Your store must sell in USD to use the Google Shopping channel.

During setup, Shopify's Google Shopping channel provides a checklist to help you meet all the requirements. You can click the link beside a requirement to go to the page where you can complete the associated tasks. The following tasks are required to use the Google Shopping channel:

  • List your contact information on your store website.
  • Enable the Shopify online store sales channel.
  • Remove the password from your store.
  • Create a Refund Policy.
  • Create Terms of Service.
  • Add the United States to your shipping zones.
  • Uninstall the Google Shopping app.
  • Add a valid payment provider.

After you've completed all the required tasks, you'll be asked to log into your Google account to sync you Shopify store with the Google Merchant Center.

Adding your contact information

The Google Merchant Center has strict guidelines for displaying your contact information on your customer-facing website. If you already have a contact page set up on your site, then make sure that at least two of the following pieces of information about your business are visible to your customers:

  • physical address
  • phone number
  • email address

If you don't have this information readily available on your store and you are unsure of where to display this information, then see Pages to find out how to add an About us page to you store.

Moving from the Google Shopping app to the Google Shopping channel

The Google Shopping channel replaces the Google Shopping app. You can get the Google Shopping channel from the Shopify App store.

During setup, sign in with the email address associated with the Google Merchant Center account you used for the Google Shopping app. To verify that you have used the same Google Merchant Center account, make note of your Google Merchant ID on the Google Shopping app's Settings page. After you install the Google Shopping channel, the Google Merchant ID should match.

If you've used the Google Shopping app to create a product feed for a Google AdWords campaign, then your product data will be synced automatically to the Google Shopping channel. For more information about managing which products are synced, see Syncing your products.

If you installed the Google Shopping channel before January 25, 2018, then you need to start the product data transfer manually.

Transfer data from the Google Shopping app to the channel

Click Transfer data to transfer your product data from the Google Shopping app to any empty matching metafields in the Google Shopping channel. If you've manually entered some product data in the Google Shopping channel, then the data transfer won't overwrite that data except for the Google product category. If you entered a product's category as Other in the Google Shopping channel, then the data transfer will overwrite that with the product category from the Google Shopping app.

The product data transfer might take up to 3 hours depending on the number of products in your store. For more information about viewing or adding Google Shopping product data after the sync, see Adding Google Product data.

Your campaigns will pause while the products are updated, but this process takes only a few seconds for products that were synced by using the Google Shopping app. You don't need to restart your Google Shopping campaigns.

Products marked as pending in the Google Shopping channel after migration

After you migrate to the Google Shopping channel, products that were approved on the Google Shopping app might be marked as pending in the Google Shopping channel. The Google Shopping app only synced the first variant for a product, but the Google Shopping channel syncs all of the variants for a product. Until all of the variants are reviewed by Google, the product is marked pending in the Google Shopping channel. The product that was approved in the app is still approved by Google. Syncing the new variants can take up to a week.

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