Product status

The Google Shopping channel displays the sync statuses of your products on the Products page. There are three possible product statuses: Not approved, Pending, and Approved.

To correct products with errors, click the product name to make changes in the product details page. After you've made a change, the product is automatically synced with the Google Merchant Center.

Not approved status

Products with the Not approved sync status are not synced with the Google Merchant Center. The most common causes for this error are as follows:

  • One or more variants have errors.
  • One or more fields have errors.

Products with the Not approved status should be fixed as soon as possible.

Pending status

Products with the Pending status have changes in Shopify that have not yet been published to the Google Merchant Center. In some cases, these changes can trigger an error or a warning from the Google Merchant Center.

These products will be published to the Google Merchant Center automatically after they are approved by Google.

Approved status

Products with the Approved status are successfully synced to the Google Merchant Center. After a sync is successful, you can use Google AdWords to create a marketing campaign for that product. For more information on getting your ads on Google, see the Google AdWords website

Changes to the products' information in Shopify can cause successfully synced products to have errors and warnings. Check the Google Shopping sales channel periodically to make sure that your products are continuing to be synced successfully.

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