Writing blog posts

After you've created a blog, you can start writing your blog posts. Your posts can contain both text and images, and can be published immediately or at a later date.

Add a post to your blog

To add a post to your blog:

  1. Click Add blog post:

    Add blog 1

  2. On the Add blog post page, fill out the following fields:

    • Title: enter the title of the article.
    • Content: enter the content of the article.
    • Author: select your name from the drop-down menu.
    • Blog: select where you'd like to publish your post.


    You must complete at least the title field to successfully create a blog post.

  3. Optionally, you can add an image to your post.

  4. In the Organization section, you can add tags to your blog posts to help categorize them and make them more visible for better search engine optimization (SEO):

    Add tag blogs

    Enter one-word descriptors for your post in the Tags field. Each word should be separated by a comma (,).

  5. In the Visibility section, select Visible if you want to publish your post. Your new post will be Hidden by default:

    Blog visibility

  6. If you want an image to appear next to your post on your store's Blogs page, click Upload image in the Featured image section.

  7. Select an image to upload to your blog.

  8. Click Save.

Your post will now appear on your store's blog unless you've set the visibility to Hidden or set a future publication date.


Make sure that your blog is linked in your store's main navigation. If you're using the default blog that comes with your store, then a link will already exist in your navigation. If you have a new blog, then you can add your new blog to your main navigation menu.

Add an image to a blog post

Including an image is a great way to add interest and visual context to a blog post. The Rich Text Editor supports uploaded images, product images, or an image from a URL. The best file type for blog post images is .jpg.

To add an image to your blog post:

  1. Create a new blog post, or select the blog post you want to add an image to.

  2. In the Content area, click the Insert image button.

    Blog add image
  3. Select the image you want to use in the blog post.

  4. Select the size of the image from the drop-down menu:

    Blog image size

  5. Click Insert image.

Add videos and other media to a blog post

You can use the Rich Text Editor to embed media in your blog posts, including Youtube or Vimeo videos, Google maps, and music or sound clips from SoundCloud.

To insert videos or HTML content into your blog post:

  1. Create a new blog post, or select the blog post you want to add an image to.

  2. In the Content area, click the Insert video button.

  3. To insert a video, follow these directions.

  4. To insert a media widget, such as a SoundCloud clip, follow these directions.

  5. To embed a Google map, follow these steps for copying the Google Maps embed code, and then paste the embed code in the rich text editor.

Set a future publish date for your blog posts

You can set a future publish date for your blog using future publishing.

To set a publish date:

  1. On the Blog posts page, click the post you want to publish at a later date.

  2. Click Set a specific publish date:

    Blog set publish date

  3. Select the date and time you want the post to be published.

  4. Click Save.

Show excerpts from your blog posts

You can show images, links and styles in the content of your blog landing page. To do this, use the blog excerpt feature.

  1. Select one of your blog posts.

  2. Under the rich text editor, click Add excerpt:

    Blog add excerpt

  3. In the Excerpt rich text editor, add the content that you want to appear on your blog's landing page as an excerpt. The whole excerpt will be shown on your blog page, with a Read more link below. Any images, links, and styles that you use won't be removed by your theme.

  4. Click Save.


If you don't add a blog excerpt, then your theme will display a truncated no-HTML version of your blog post on your blog's landing page. You can use the blog excerpt on a per-post basis.

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