Closing for vacations

Although Shopify does not have a vacation setting, there are two ways that you can temporarily close your store to the general public.

Temporary solution: Password protect your store

If you want to stop visitors temporarily from accessing your store, you can password protect your online store. When customers navigate to your site, they will be greeted with a password page and a message explaining why the store is temporarily closed:


Customers will not be able to access your site, view products, or complete orders. You can enable password protection and customize the displayed message from the Online Store settings of your Shopify admin.

Learn how to password protect your online store.

Long-term solution: Pause your store

Pausing your store disables the checkout but keeps your store online and accessible to visitors. You can pause your store from the Account settings of your Shopify admin under Cancel or pause your store. Pausing your store reduces your subscription fee to $14 per month.

Learn how to pause your store.

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