Customer experience

After you've set up the Twitter sales channel in your Shopify admin, your customers see a Buy Now button when they click on tweets for eligible products from your online store:

User view

When users click Buy Now, they are prompted to enter their payment information and place the order.


The Twitter sales channel will be deactivated on February 1, 2017.

The Twitter sales channel does not automatically create new tweets for all of your Shopify products — it adds Buy Now buttons to existing tweets of your eligible products. You can create new tweets for your products and collections from your Twitter account or from the Twitter sales channel in Shopify.

Twitter users can favorite and share tweets for your products in the same ways as any other tweets on Twitter.

At this time, customer transactions through tweets are limited in a few ways:

  • customers can't use promo codes, loyalty programs, or gift cards for purchases on Twitter
  • customers can't buy multiple products or multiple variants (like sizes and colors) of the same product in a single order (but they can buy multiple quantities of a single product with the same variant option).

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