Writing and publishing tweets

After you've set up your Twitter account and prepared your products, you can start publishing Buy Now Tweets. If you encounter an error with the Twitter Ads policies that does not let you publish a tweet because of banned words, there is a way to override it.


The Twitter sales channel will be deactivated on February 1, 2017.

Publish a tweet

You can publish Buy Now Tweets right from your Shopify admin.

To publish a Buy Now Tweet:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Twitter.

  2. Click Create tweet.

  3. In the dialog, click the radio button to select a product that you would like to include in your tweet, then click Select product:

Click select product

  1. Write your tweet in the Message box. You can see what your tweet will look like in the Tweet preview section:

Write new tweet

If your product doesn't meet a product requirement for publishing, you will see an error message telling you the issue with the product right on the Tweets page:

Missing requirement

When you fix the issue with the product, you can publish it. If it is a banned words error, and you're sure that your product adheres to the Twitter Ads policies, you may be able to override it.

  1. Click Publish:

Click publish

After publishing, you can see the tweet with a Buy Now button in your Twitter feed:

Published tweet


You can see your latest published tweet, along with all other published tweets, in the Tweets section of the Twitter sales channel page.

Override a banned words error

One of the requirements for using the Twitter sales channel is that your products must adhere to the Twitter Ads policies. Because Twitter needs a way to flag products that potentially violate the Twitter Ads policies, some products that you post may be flagged by mistake.

If your product violates the Twitter Ads policies because of banned words, you will see an error when you create a tweet for it:

Banned words override

If your product contains something that violates the Twitter Ads policies, you can fix the issue and click Try again to publish the product to your Twitter Feed.

However, if you're sure that your product adheres to the Twitter Ads policies but you are still getting the banned words error, you can override it by clicking My product does not contain banned words. Twitter will then review the override to make sure that you can publish the tweet.


It is your responsibility as a merchant to ensure that your products adhere to the Twitter Ads policies. If you publish a product that violates the Twitter Ads policies, you will be banned form using the Twitter sales channel.

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