Getting started with your wholesale store

This article guides you through setting up a wholesale store including creating price lists and wholesale customer accounts, signing into the store as a customer, and processing an order.

Shopify Plus

The Wholesale channel is available to Shopify Plus plans only.


Your wholesale store is password-protected, so no one (including the Shopify account owner) can access it without a wholesale account. A wholesale account is not the same as an online store account. A customer can't log into the wholesale store using their online store user name and password.

Before you begin

In your Shopify admin, you must have at least:

  • one product
  • one customer with a valid email address that you can use for testing. You will create a wholesale account for this test customer, and then sign into your wholesale store as this customer.

Step 1: Set up the wholesale store

  1. Create your wholesale store by adding the Wholesale channel to your Shopify admin. See Adding the Wholesale channel.
  2. In the Wholesale channel, create a wholesale price list. See Create a wholesale price list.
  3. In your Shopify admin, assign your test customer to the price list by tagging them with the same tag you used to tag the price list. See Assign your test customer to the price list.
  4. Create a wholesale account for your test customer and invite them to sign into your wholesale store. See Create a wholesale account for your test customer.

Step 2: Log into the wholesale store as a test customer

Unlike retail customers in your online store, your wholesale customers do not pay for their purchases at checkout. Instead, your wholesale customers submit orders for you to review.

To test the wholesale store:

  1. As the test customer, open the invoice email and follow the instructions to sign into your wholesale store.
  2. Create a test draft order, and then submit it.

Step 3: Process a test draft order

After a wholesale customer submits a draft order, you need to review and process it.

To review a wholesale draft order:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Orders (or press G O):

  2. Click Drafts.

  3. Review the draft order.

  4. Click Reserve Inventory to temporarily place a hold on the items listed in the draft order. It is common for a draft order to require a back and forth communication between you and the customer. Reserve the inventory to make sure that the products are available when your customer is ready to make the actual purchase:
    Screenshot of the Create Price List page
  5. Click Add Shipping and enter the wholesale shipping cost. If you don't specify a value for the shipping, then the shipping options from your online store are offered to your wholesale customers.

  6. Click Save.

Step 4: Send an invoice to a customer

After you and your customer have agreed on the purchase, you need to send them an invoice.

To send a customer a wholesale invoice:

  1. Click Email invoices.
  2. Click Review Email.
  3. Click Send Notification.

By default, your customer will receive an invoice that instructs them to pay with a credit card. Since most wholesale customers prefer other payment options, you can customize the email template to offer them alternative payment options.

Step 5: Simulate payment of the order

After a customer has paid for their purchase, you need to mark the order as paid. For this tutorial, pretend that your test customer has paid for the order.

To mark the order as paid:

  1. In the draft order, click Mark paid.

The draft order is automatically converted to a paid order that you can fulfill.

Step 6: Fulfill the order

Now that the draft order has been converted to an order, you can fulfill it as you would any other order.

To fulfill an order:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Orders (or press G O):

  2. Open the order that corresponds to the draft order.

  3. Click Continue and fulfill the order as you would normally.

  4. After you've fulfilled the order, click Fulfilled.

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