Process wholesale orders

When you're ready to complete a draft order, you need to send an invoice to your customer, accept their payment, and then fulfill the order.

Shopify Plus

The Wholesale channel is available to Shopify Plus plans only.

Your wholesale store customers do not pay for their purchases at checkout. Instead, their purchase appears as an draft order on the Drafts page in your Shopify admin.

Step 1: Review the draft order, add shipping costs, and reserve inventory

When you receive a draft order, review the quantities of the products ordered to make sure that you have enough inventory to fulfill the order. If you don't have enough inventory, you can edit the quantities in the draft order and contact your customer.

If you track your inventory using Shopify, you can click Reserve Inventory to make sure that the products are available when your customer is ready to make the actual purchase.

To review an order:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Orders.
  2. Click Drafts.
  3. Open and review the draft order.
  4. Reserve the requested items in your inventory. Click Reserve items to temporarily place a hold on the items listed in the draft order:
    Screenshot of the Reserve inventory window
  5. Click Add Shipping and enter the wholesale shipping cost. If you don't specify a value for shipping, then the shipping options from your online store are offered to your wholesale customers.
    Add shipping costs.
  6. If needed, add taxes and discounts to the draft order.
  7. Click Save to save your changes.

If you made any changes to the draft order, then a notification is sent automatically to your customer. You can also contact your customer directly to make sure that your customer approves of the changes before you send an invoice and start the payment process.

Step 2: Send an invoice to your customer

After you've agreed on the order and payment terms with your wholesale customer, send them an invoice email to confirm the sale of the products. This email uses the invoice template that you've set up in your Shopify admin.

To email your customer an invoice:

  1. From the relevant draft order, click Email invoice:
    Screenshot of an email invoice
  2. On the Send invoice dialog, click Review email:
  3. Click Send Notification.

Your customer receives an invoice with instructions about how to pay for their order.

Step 3: Accept payment

When your customer pays for their order, their draft order converts to an order. If your customer pays using one of the following automatic payment methods, then the draft order converts automatically to an order:

If your customer pays for the order using a manual payment method, then you need to open the relevant draft order, and click Mark as paid to record the payment and to convert the draft order to an order:
Screenshot of the Accept payment buttons on the Order details page.
If your customer makes a partial payment, then click Mark as pending to record the payment and to convert the draft order to an order.

Step 4: Fulfill the orders

After an order is created, it can be fulfilled. If you have automatic fulfillment enabled, then the order is sent to your fulfillment service or app. Otherwise, you fulfill the order as you would any other order. See Managing your orders and Fulfilling orders.

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