Import wholesale products

Import products for use in your wholesale store by using a CSV file and then making them available to the Wholesale channel.

Before you begin

In your CSV file, you will find it useful include tags to help you manage the products after the import. It is faster to add tags to your products in a CSV file before the import than it is afterwards. For example:

  • If you automate the maintenance of your collections and have filters that use product tags, then add these tags to your products in the CSV file.
  • Tag your wholesale products with a tag that identifies the import so that you can later find them and make them available to the wholesale channel.

Shopify Plus

The Wholesale ecommerce channel is available to Shopify Plus plans only.

Import products

To import products:

  1. Use the product CSV template to create a CSV file to import your wholesale products. See Importing your products with a CSV file.
    • If you use any tags for your products, then add them to the CSV file, so that your products are tagged when they are imported.
    • Tag your wholesale products with a tag that identifies the import. You will use this import tag in your Shopify admin to find the newly imported products, so that you can publish them to the Wholesale channel. For example, the tag could contain a date and timestamp or include the source of the product.
  2. Import the products.
  3. Publish your newly imported products to the Wholesale channel:
    1. In your Shopify admin, click Products.
    2. Click Filter Products.
    3. In the Show all products where drop-down, select Tagged with and enter the import tag that you created in step 1.
    4. Click Add Filter. This applies a filter to show the newly imported products.
    5. Select all products in the table, click Bulk Edit, click Make products available, and then enable the Wholesale option.

Your products have been imported into your Shopify admin and are now available to the Wholesale channel.

You can verify that a product has been published and that it is available to the Wholesale channel on the product's page.

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