Activate shipping with USPS

If your store is eligible for Shopify Shipping, then you can activate real-time rates for USPS without registering for a separate USPS shipping account. If your store isn't eligible for Shopify Shipping, then you'll need to sign up with USPS before you can activate this carrier service on your Shopify store.


If your Shopify account is frozen at any time, your carriers might become deactivated. Check your shipping settings as soon as your account is restored.

Register for a USPS User ID

Register for a USPS Web Tools user ID by filling out the USPS Web Tools registration form.

When you have completed the signup process, USPS will mail you a user ID. Make a note of this, as you will need your USPS user ID to complete the activation in Shopify.

Your USPS Web Tools user ID is a combination of letters and numbers, e.g. 123ABCDE1234, that is automatically generated by USPS.

The user ID will automatically and immediately grant you access to package tracking, rate, and service delivery standards APIs with USPS when you register.

Did you know?

If you have any problems with your USPS setup, you must contact USPS directly. Shopify cannot obtain your USPS credentials for you, or provide support for your USPS account.

Activate carrier-calculated shipping for USPS

To activate carrier-calculated shipping for USPS:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings, and then click Shipping.

  2. In the Carrier-calculated shipping section, click Manage carriers.

  3. On the Real-time carriers page, find the USPS section, and then click Activate.

  4. If your store is eligible for Shopify Shipping, click Save on the Enable USPS rates at checkout? dialog:

    Usps for shopify shipping

    Otherwise, enter your USPS user ID into the form and click Save:

    Signup usps

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