Custom services

With Shopify, you can use a fulfillment service apart from Amazon, Webgistix or Shipwire, provided that the warehouse you’re using can process orders by email. If they need more contact than that, you can develop a custom app through a Shopify Expert API developer.

Activate a custom fulfillment service

  1. Scroll down to Dropshipping and fulfillment services and click Add dropshipping service.

  2. In the Custom order fulfillment section, click Add custom fulfillment service:

    Custom activate1
  3. In the form, enter:

    • the title of your custom fulfillment provider
    • the email address of your custom fulfillment provider.
    Activate custom2

    When you mark an item or complete order as fulfilled in your Shopify admin, the fulfillment service is sent an email with all the order information so that they can fulfill it for you.

  4. Click Add fulfillment service.

Set your products to be fulfilled by your custom service

  1. From your store's Products page, select the product to be fulfilled by the custom service.

  2. In the Variants section, click Edit in line with the variant to be fulfilled by the custom service.

  3. In the Shipping section, select the fulfillment service you want to use from the Fulfillment service drop-down menu.

  4. Click Save to save your changes.

Send sold line items for custom fulfillment

A fulfillment service will not ship an item for you until you mark the order as fulfilled from your Shopify Admin.

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