Avalara FAQ

Find answers to common questions about Shopify's integration with Avalara.

What is a default tax code?

A default tax code is the label that applies to the majority of products, including clothing, digital goods, and services.

Do I need to add tax codes to all of my products?

Only if the default tax code doesn't apply. You can add different tax codes for individual products or variants. Specific products that are taxed differently than general physical goods need to have their tax codes assigned in the product's or variant's settings. This completely depends on the jurisdiction that you are in.

Does this integration support VAT?

Yes, this integration supports VAT but not VAT exemptions. Avalara will work for rate calculation, however. For Europe and anywhere else, Avalara can't collect VAT IDs, which are required for exemption reporting and returns.

Can I use this in Shopify POS?

No, this integration does not work for Shopify POS.

Does this integration work with the Facebook checkout?

Yes, tax services will work if you have a Facebook checkout.

Why won't my return documents show up in my Avatax Console?

If you refund a dollar amount for an order without also selecting an item or restock quantity, then the refunded tax amount won't be applied to a specific item, and a return document won't be created in Avatax Console.

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