Choosing a theme

The Shopify Theme Store offers many themes that you can add to your online store. The Theme Store includes free themes made by Shopify, and paid themes made by third-party designers. Shopify recommends that you only purchase themes from the Theme Store, as we carefully check all themes submitted by theme designers for quality and functionality before we list them.

Browsing themes

In the Theme Store, you can use the filter menu at the top to narrow down your search. You can filter by:

  • collections: sorts themes by style, layout, and purpose
  • industry: whether a theme is based on a particular industry


Sorting themes by industry allows you to see themes based on a particular industry, but a theme is not restricted to any industry. For example, a technology store could use Minimal.

Find a theme that meets your needs

The Theme Store includes a filtering sidebar to help you find a theme that meets your specific needs. You can search by price (paid or free), number of products, store layout, preferred navigation methods, and more.

  1. On the Theme Store, click Explore themes:
Theme store home page with Explore themes button highlighted
  1. Use the filter settings to narrow down your search:
Theme store filter sidebar at left of theme store page

Previewing and buying themes

All themes listed on the Theme Store have a demo store that lets you see what an online store looks like using that theme. If you see a theme demo store that you like, you can preview it in your Shopify admin.

There are two types of themes: free themes from Shopify, and paid themes from theme designers that you can buy. For more information on the free themes available from Shopify, see Free themes from Shopify.

Any Premium or paid theme in the Shopify Theme Store allows you to preview it on your store using the Themes page in the admin. Then, if you want to use the theme in your store, you can buy it.

Free themes

You can install a free theme without previewing it first. You can add the theme to your Shopify admin and preview it in your store from the Themes page. If you don't want to keep it, you can remove it from your admin.


How do I change a theme layout?

Typically theme modifications can be done by the team that supports your theme. Third party themes and customized themes are not supported by Shopify. For more information, see the Shopify Design Policy.

If you are looking for major changes to your theme above and beyond what your support team is able to provide, you should reach out to a Shopify Design Expert to help you with customization.

Do I lose my store content if I change themes?

No. Your store's content will be the same.

Can I use a template or theme from another platform?

No. Shopify themes have a unique code structure which is required to function properly on your store. Often, a Shopify Design Expert can recreate a theme for Shopify if you wish, however, this can be an expensive process because they would be creating a custom theme for you.

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