Shopify Theme Store

The Shopify Theme Store offers a wide variety of themes that you can add to your online store. It includes free themes that are developed by Shopify and paid themes that are developed by third-party designers. Shopify tests and reviews all of the paid themes, but doesn't provide support for them.

Browse themes

When you're browsing themes in the Shopify Theme Store, you can use the top bar filter to browse themes by collection or industry.

You can sort by collection to see themes with a particular style, layout, or purpose. You can sort by industry to see themes that have been designed primarily for a particular industry. However, no theme is restricted to any industry. For example, a technology store could use a theme that is listed under "Art and photography".

To browse themes in the Shopify Theme Store:

  1. Go to the Shopify Theme Store.

  2. At the top of the page, click Collections or Industries, and then select a category.

Add a theme to your online store

You can learn about adding, previewing, and buying themes for your online store in Adding and previewing themes.

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