Additional resources for theme support

There are many resources available to help you with making changes to your theme. If you come across problems in customizing your theme, then try one of the following resources to help get you back on track.

Forum to discuss theme designs

The Shopify Design forum provides guidance on how to edit HTML, CSS, or Liquid to customize your online store. If you need help editing theme files, then try posting your question in the "Shopify Design" forum. You can also search through the postings to see what other Shopify merchants are doing with their themes.

Forum for feedback on your store

You can ask for guidance and feedback on colors, fonts, and other design decisions for your store from the "Feedback On My Store" forum.

Support for apps

If you need help with an app that was developed by Shopify, then contact Shopify support for assistance.

If you need help with a third-party app, then find the app on the Shopify App Store and click Get support to contact the app developer.

Rich text editor

If you need help formatting your content with the rich text editor, then try installing an app to edit the pages in your store.

Theme Store

If you want help adding functionality to your theme, such as a sidebar, image zooming, an extra slideshow, or infinite scroll, consider trying a different theme instead. If your theme doesn't have the functionality you want, search the Theme Store to find a theme that better suits your needs.

Shopify Experts

Shopify Experts are experienced industry professionals who have extensive knowledge about creating, updating, and perfecting Shopify themes.

To find a designer or developer to customize your theme, visit the Shopify Experts directory.

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