Boundless is a photography-first theme with a minimal UI that features edge-to-edge photography. Boundless is mobile-first and suited for stores with medium to large inventories.

Customers can use two navigation menus to get around your store. Boundless features a sidebar menu and an action bar. Both menus are shown on desktop and mobile devices.

The sidebar menu acts like a table of contents for your store. No matter where a customer is, the menu button will show your store's main menu and footer menu.

Action bar

By default, the action bar shows your store's main menu. You can customize your action bar to show different items based on what page your customer is looking at. On the home page, the action bar is most often used to show your product collections. Within a collection, the action bar can show further subcategories or other related collections.

For example, if your store sells apparel, your action bar might show Men, Women, and Accessories on your home page. If a customer clicks Women, the action bar might then show Tops, Pants, and Footwear on the collection page.

To make your action bar work this way, use your main menu for links to your collections. Put links to other parts of your store (your Contact or About pages) in your footer menu.

Header and slideshow logos

Boundless lets you upload multiple versions of your logo: one that's shown in page headers and another that can be shown as an overlay on your store's home page. You can use the same logo image for both locations if you prefer.

Your header logo should have a maximum height of about 65 px, and looks best if it doesn't clash with the Navigation background color that you have chosen on your Customize theme page:

Header logo example

Your slideshow logo is shown on top of the main slideshow on your store's home page. For this logo, you can upload a larger or even different version of your logo to make sure it looks best on your home page:

Slideshow logo example

  1. Find your Boundless theme and click Customize theme.

  2. Click Home page - slideshow.

  3. In the Logo section, click to select Use a custom logo.

  4. Under Logo image, click Choose file.

  5. Find and select your logo file and click Open to upload it as your slideshow logo.

  6. Click Save changes to confirm the changes to your theme.

Your custom slideshow logo will be shown as an overlay on the slideshow on your store's home page.

Slideshow image size

The recommended minimum width for Boundless slideshow images is 1400px.

Skip first product image option

In the Product page section of your Customize theme page, The Skip first product image option makes the first image for each product only appear on the collections page of your store. Your product page will skip this first image and show your other product images in a larger, full-width size.

Using this option, you can design your first product image to look best on the collections page and tailor your other product images to look better in the larger space provided on the product page.

Skip first product image example

Image styles and sizes

In the Collection page section of your Customize theme page, the Image style option lets you change how your collection and product pages show images:

  • Tall/square is best if your product images are square or taller (portrait)
  • Wide is best if your images are wider (landscape)

The Image size option determines how large your product images are on your collections page. If you show smaller product images, you can fit more images in a single row.

The number of images shown per row also depends on a customer's device (desktop or mobile) and window size.

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