Jumpstart is made specifically for crowdfunding graduates, but is also perfect for selling one to ten products. Its home page showcases a video and a features section.

Slideshow image size

The recommended size for Jumpstart slideshow images is 1200 x 600px.

Cart page

When customers add an item to their cart, they are taken to the cart page right away. With Jumpstart, there's no "continue shopping" button or cart drawer. Jumpstart is meant for selling a single product, so there shouldn't be a need for your customer to keep shopping when they've made a decision.

Collection page layout

Jumpstart organizes products on your collection page with a script called Packery based on the available space. Images will be rearranged and stacked to fill all the space on the page. This method of arranging images is sometimes called masonry because it resembles the way bricks are stacked.

Disable the masonry effect

The masonry effect is helpful if you have product images of varying dimensions. If you disable the script, your collection page might show spaces if your images don't fit together well. If you want to disable the masonry effect, delete the following lines from your collection.liquid theme file:

{% unless shop.products_count == 0 %}
  {{ '//cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/packery/1.4.3/packery.pkgd.min.js' | script_tag }}
{% endunless %}

Linking to home page sections

To make it easier for customers to get around your store's home page, you can add internal links to the different sections of your home page. To add internal home page links to a menu, set the link type to Web address and use one of the link addresses below as the destination:

Internal links
Home page section Link address
Image and video /#home-video
Image and text /#home-imagebox
List of features /#home-features
Featured content /#home-page
Crowdfunding campaign /#home-kickstarter
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) /#home-faq
Slideshow /#home-slideshow
Product /#home-product
Recent blog posts /#home-blog
List of clients /#home-clients

Jumpstart's featured product home page module doesn't show the product description. The product description only appears on the product page. This is because the many other content modules for the home page are meant to explain and describe your product as well. Think of the featured product module as a "call to action" that gets your customers to click through to buy your product.

List of clients

Jumpstart features a unique List of clients module in its theme options. The module is useful for listing clients that use your product, or media outlets that have mentioned your product. For each entry, you can add a logo image and a link to the website where your product has been used or mentioned.

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