Add a drop-down menu

To add drop-down menus to your Main Menu, you will need to create menus on your Navigation page. This article will walk you through the process.

Optimal size for product images

Higher resolution photos will look more polished and professional in the Minimal theme, and so we suggest that you aim for images that are at least 1024 wide by 1024 pixels high. Your images can be as large as 2048 by 2048 pixels.

Very large images are particularly important if you want to use the zoom-in function. To enable that function, head over to your Customize theme page, and, in the section Product page section, set the "Image zoom type" to "Zoom-in".

Minimal zoom in

When product images are shown side by side on collection pages, they may have different sizes. To make your images appear to be the same size, you need to use the same width to height ratio for all images you upload that will become featured images for your products.

If despite your best efforts to upload high-resolution images, the main product image on your product page seems too small, head over to your Customize theme page, and untick the checkbox "Enable wide layout" found in the Layout section.

Minimal wide layout off

If that does not do the trick, look in the Product page section and set the "Product thumbnail position" to "Right of main image".

Minimal images position

Slideshow image size

The recommended image size for Minimal slideshow images is 1280 x 460px.

Enable a wider layout

Head over to your Customize theme page, and tick the checkbox found in the Layout section labeled "Enable wide layout".

Minimal wide layout on

Add a Sale badge to products

Set a Compare at Price that is greater than the Price on your product variants. If a product is set on sale correctly in that matter, the badge will show up automatically over that product image on your collection pages.

Minimal sale

If it doesn't, double check that the sale badge feature is turned on by going to your Customize theme page, and looking in the Collection page section.

Minimal sale badge on

Add a Sold Out overlay to sold out products

Head over to your Customize theme page, and tick the checkbox found in the Collection page section labeled "Show product sold out circle".

Minimal sold out

Remove the "Welcome" text from the home page

If you added the content of a Page to your homepage, you may want to hide the heading of that page. For this, open the home-content.liquid snippet in the Template Editor, and place Liquid comment tags around the .section-header div element, like so:

Minimal remove heading

Don't forget to save your changes.

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