Venture is a bold yet minimal theme designed for high volume stores with large inventories. Features include an edge-to-edge slideshow, multi-column drop-down menus, and a promotional bar.

Venture banner

Venture is ideal if you have the following:

  • More than 50 products
  • 5 or more collections
  • Large menus

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If you have a smaller product offering, but like Venture's design, check out Boundless, Brooklyn, or Solo.

You can edit Venture's settings from the Customize theme page of your Shopify admin.


Venture comes with three presets:

  • Snowboards — A black and blue preset that enables featured collections with two rows each, emphasizes large collections, and shows links for customer accounts.
  • Outdoors — A dark green and orange preset that enables featured collection product rows and a few collections.
  • Boxing — A black and red preset that enables the promotional bar and a masonry effect for featured collections.


Some color options will affect more than one section of Venture. Click any color in the Colors menu to change the color.

Clicking the checkered square sets the color to transparent:

Color picker transparent

You can use a custom logo image with Venture. The best format for a logo image is .png with a transparent background. The recommended size is 450 x 200px.

By changing the Custom logo width option, you can set the width of your logo image. The maximum value is the width of the logo image that you upload.


You can add a favicon to your store. The recommended favicon size for Venture is 32 x 32px.

Promotion bar

With a promotion bar, you can add a message banner to the top of your store.

To change the color of the promotion bar, change the Buttons, links, and promotion bar color in the Colors menu.

Venture promotion bar

Text content

You can include one of your store's pages as text content in the footer of every page. This can be useful if you want to include your return policy or your "about us" information on every page.

Venture's footer supports two columns of links. You can choose two different menus to show in your footer section.


Enabling a newsletter form lets customers opt in to your email marketing campaigns.

Any customer who enters their email in the newsletter sign-up box will be stored in your admin as a customer with the tag newsletter. You can export this list to get a list of customer email addresses for a newsletter.

Home page - slideshow

With Venture, you can display a large slideshow on your home page. The recommended size for your slideshow images is 1800 x 1000px.

Each slide can have a heading and a subheading, and the text can be linked to any page.

Venture's slideshow is responsive, which means it will resize and crop your images dynamically depending on the device your customer is using to view your store. The Shopify Help Center has more info on slideshow images and image cropping.

Venture slideshow

On desktops and tablets, you can show up to six features collections on your home page.

On mobile devices, the featured collections section will show your store's main menu by default. This makes it easier for customers on mobile devices to access your store's entire inventory. Check the Show on mobile box in this section to show featured collections for customers on mobile devices.

Venture featured collections

You can check the Stretch collection image box to have your collection images fill their entire tiles. If you choose to stretch your collection images, it might be necessary to change the Featured collection titles colors in your Colors theme settings.

Venture featured collections stretched

Use this section to embed the content of any page in your store on your home page. Some common uses for embedding a page on your home page are:

On desktops and tablets, you can show groups of featured products on your home page.

In this section, you can select collections whose products you want to highlight and how many rows of products you'd like to show from each collection.

On mobile devices, the featured products section will show your store's main menu by default. To enable featured products on mobile devices, check the Show on mobile box in this section.

Venture featured products

Product page

Check the Show stock remaining, if below 10 box to show the available stock for a product when it's running low. This will only work for variants that have their inventory policy set to Shopify tracks this product's inventory.

Collection page

Show frame around images

Check Show frame around images to have your collection page add some padding around product images. This is similar to the Stretch collection images option of the featured collections module:

Venture collection page image frame

Show product vendor

Check Show product vendor to have your collection page show the vendor of each product along with its name and price:

Venture collection page vendor

Enable filtering by product tag

Check Enable filtering by product tag to add a menu to the top of your collection page. Customers can use the menu to see only products in the collection that have the selected tag:

Venture collection filter

The Shopify Help Center has more info on filtering by product tags.

Enable collection sorting

Check Enable collection sorting to add a menu to the top of your collection page. Customers can use the menu to sort the products in the collection by:

  • Featured
  • Best selling
  • Price, low to high
  • Price, high to low
  • Date, new to old
  • Date, old to new
  • Alphabetically, A–Z
  • Alphabetically, Z–A

Venture's sidebar can show featured products from a collection of your choice when customers are viewing pages and blog posts in your store. In the Sections tab, in the Featured products area, choose a collection whose products you want to have featured in your store's sidebar:

Venture sidebar featured collection

Cart page

Enable order notes

Order notes let your customers include special instructions with their orders. The Shopify Help Center has more information on order notes.

Social media


In this section, place the URLs to your store's social media accounts in the related boxes. Be sure to start each URL with https://. Venture will place links to each of your social media accounts in your store's footer:

Venture social media buttons


Check Enable product sharing to create social media sharing buttons on product pages.

Check Enable blog post sharing to create social media sharing buttons on blog posts.

Check Share on Facebook to enable the Facebook sharing button for products or blog posts.

Check Tweet on Twitter to enable the Twitter sharing button for products or blog posts.

Check Pin on Pinterest to enable the Pinterest sharing button for products or blog posts.

Check Add to Fancy to enable the Fancy sharing button for products or blog posts.

Check +1 on Google Plus to enable the Google Plus sharing button for products or blog posts.

Featuring collections in your navigation menu

Venture's navigation menu lets you show some of the products in a collection before the customer clicks the link to view that collection. This way, if a customer sees an item they like, they can go straight to the product page without having to find that item in its collection.


Linking to a collection menu is the only way to display product images from the top navigation links. If you link to another menu type, the top navigation menu will display links instead of product images.

To create a collection menu that shows products:

  1. Create a menu for the collection you want to feature in your main navigation.

  2. Add at least one link to your new menu. Since you're featuring a collection, it can help to link to individual tags within that collection.

    Create collection menu
  3. Click Save menu to save your new collection menu.

  4. In your main menu, create a link with the same name as the collection menu that you just created.

  5. Set the collection link in the main menu to point to the collection that you want to highlight in your collection menu.

    Main menu collection link
  6. Click Save menu.

Your main navigation should now show the collection links that you created along with the first few products in the collection:

Collection menu

Home page content on mobile devices

Venture is specially designed for stores with a large number of products. On a mobile device, your store's home page will prominently show your main menu navigation so that customers can find the collections and products that they're looking for.

This menu makes it easier for customers on mobile devices to access all of the products and collections in your store, and not just the one or two featured collections on your home page.

Disappearing main menu

If the links in your main menu cannot fit onto a single line, the menu will be replaced by a Menu button. Customers can click the button to open a slide-out panel with all of your main menu links.

Menu button

If you don't want your main menu to collapse into a button, you can try a few things:

  • Remove some links from your main menu. Removing items from your menu is a quick way to reduce clutter and free up some space.
  • Rewrite your main menu links to use fewer characters. For example, you could change "Frequently asked questions" to "FAQ".
  • Use a narrower font for your menu items. You can choose the font used for menu items by editing the "Body text" option under Typography on your Customize theme page.

Using text in your slideshow

People will view your theme on devices of all different sizes. Based on their browser size, customers might only see part of your slideshow images. For this reason, you shouldn't use images with text in them in your slideshow. If the text in the image gets cropped, or parts of the text are obscured, your customers won't be able to read it.

If you want to add text to your slideshow, enter it as Heading text and Subheading text.

To add heading and subheading text to a slide:

  1. Click Customize theme on your Venture theme.

  2. Click Home page - slideshow.

  3. For each slide in your slideshow, you can add Heading text and Subheading text. Add any text that you want to show on your slideshow images.

    Slideshow text
  4. Click Save changes to confirm your changes to the theme.

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