Resize images to fit your slider

If you see some empty space on the right side of a given slide, it means that the image you have uploaded for that slide is not wide enough.


Your theme cannot be fixed for this. Your theme will not scale up your image so that it fills up the width of your slider.

So what is the solution? You must upload images that strictly follow the recommendations given for your slider. You will find those recommendations on your Customize theme page in the same place you'll find your slider upload buttons.

There are always two important requirements — and you must follow them:

  1. Your theme will tell you to upload images with a minimum width. The value given is always in pixels.
  2. Your theme will recommend that you upload images that all have the same dimensions, i.e. same width and same height.

What does this mean for you?

It means you need to resize — and possibly crop — your images before you upload them. It means that all images you upload must have the same width in pixels and the same height. It also means that that same width must be equal or greater than the recommended minimum width— which is the width of the slider. Some themes, like the Solo theme, will tell you exactly what width and height to use, which makes everything more simple. Follow the rules!

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