Choosing a social media image

When you share a link to your online store on social media, such as on Facebook or Pinterest, you can display a thumbnail image in your post:

Example of a facebook post showing an image attached

By default, when you post a link to social media, all of the free themes from Shopify show the following images:

  • for a link to a product page, the product's featured image
  • for a link to a collection page, the collection's featured image
  • for a link to a blog post, the blog's featured image.

If you don't want to show the default images on social media, then you can choose a social media image to show instead.

Choose a social media image

To choose a social media image:

  1. Find the theme you want to edit and click the Customize button for the theme.

  2. Click the Theme settings tab.

  3. Click Social media.

  4. In the Social sharing image area, select the image that you want to show on social media.

  5. Click Save.

Update your images

Shopify's free themes use Open Graph tags to give social media platforms information about your website. Open Graph is used by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other services.

Facebook will save information about your website's URLs for a few days before checking for any updates. If you change your social media image, then use the Facebook Sharing Debugger to refresh the information that is saved for your URL.

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