Shopify Capital glossary of terms

Term Definition
Amount received The funds you receive from Shopify Capital.
Deliver To send funds.
Factor or factor rate The number that the amount received multiplies by to determine the total to remit. Factor rates are either 1.1 or 1.13.
Financing Access to capital.
Funding Access to capital.
Remaining balance The amount of the total to remit that is yet to be remitted to Shopify Capital.
Remit To deliver money to apply against the total to remit.
Remittance Money that is delivered to apply against the total to remit.
Remittance rate or daily remittance percentage The percentage of your daily sales revenue that will be remitted to Shopify Capital until the total to remit has been remitted.
Total to remit The amount of future sales revenue that Shopify Capital buys. This is calculated by multiplying the amount received by the factor rate.

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