Menggunakan kemahiran Kit untuk mengurus aplikasi

You can save time by using Kit to perform tasks in other apps that you use in Shopify. You can view apps that work with Kit in the Shopify app store. For some of these apps, you need a paid subscription.

Kit can help with specific tasks for each app. In some cases, Kit proactively messages you to use an app. You can't change the way that Kit interacts with an app.

Jika anda memerlukan sokongan untuk aplikasi pihak ketiga, sila hubungi terus pembangun aplikasi.

Sambungkan aplikasi ke Kit


  1. Daripada Shopify App Store, pasang aplikasi.

  2. Pergi ke halaman aplikasi pada papan pemuka Kit.

  3. Click the app that you want to connect.

  4. Click Connect, and then follow any related setup steps.

Apabila anda kembali ke halaman aplikasi papan pemuka Kit, anda seharusnya melihat aplikasi itu telah disambungkan.

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