About the Shopify Partner Program

The Shopify Partner Program consists of designers, developers, and creatives building ecommerce websites, themes, and apps using the Shopify platform. We offer our partners three great ways to grow their business and generate ongoing monthly revenue. As a Shopify Partner, you can:

  • Refer clients to Shopify.
  • Create ecommerce themes and publish them in the Shopify Theme Store.
  • Create Shopify Apps and publish them in the Shopify App Store.

Become a Shopify Partner today

Our partner program is free to join and lets you experiment with the Shopify platform through unlimited test stores. For every client you refer; theme you design; or app you build, you’ll receive ongoing monthly income from Shopify. There are some other perks too, like early access to new features, marketing materials, and access to a collaborative community of other Shopify Partners around the world. Create your account.

Earn the title of Shopify Expert and we’ll send you leads

Our top partners are given the opportunity to promote their services directly to over 325,000 Shopify merchants by becoming Shopify Experts. As a Shopify Expert, you’ll join an elite rank of partners who will receive leads directly from our Experts marketplace on a regular basis.

To be eligible to become a Shopify Expert, you need to have:

  • A Shopify Partner account.
  • Proven Shopify experience in the form of 5+ active client stores or your own theme/app.
  • The desire to take your business to the next level.

Learn more about how you can apply to be a Shopify Expert here.

Terms of service

You can find the complete terms of service for the Shopify Partner Program here.