Application Links

App links can be used to make your app's features accessible to merchants with the purpose of functionality in mind. Their intended use is for merchants to be able to access and use specific functions or actions of an app.

You can make your apps accessible to merchants throughout their Shopify admin by adding links to the Apps dropdown using Application links in your Partners Dashboard. For example:

Apps order dropdown

To add Application links into the merchant's Shopify admin:

  1. Log in to your Partners Dashboard.

  2. Click Apps.

  3. Click the name of the app you want to create links for.

  4. Click Edit app settings:

    Edit app settings

  5. Find the Shop admin links section and fill out the form:

    • Link text – the text that will appear to the merchant in Apps menu. It should be task-oriented, and not just the name of your app.
    • Link URL – enter the URL where your app is hosted, or a specific URL for this task.
    • Page – select the page where this link should appear to the merchant. Try to place it only where it makes logical sense for the user. That is, we don't recommend adding app links to every page of the Shopify admin.
      Shop admin links
  6. Click Save changes.

To continue adding more Application links, click Add application link and repeat steps 5 and 6.


App links can be accessed from many different parts of the Shopify Admin. To find out where, visit your Partner Dashboard and follow the steps above.

How it works

Shopify automatically adds a URL parameter to the app link that contains the store URL so your app knows which store or resource that the merchant came from. For example:

Also, when your app link is on a detail page (like the order detail page) Shopify also adds a URL parameter containing the resource ID. For example: ?id=3295398979&

If we did not add these parameters your app wouldn't know which store or resource that the merchant came from.

App Links are available for merchants so they can can control different parts of their store with the applications they have installed. Their responsibilities can be different based on the section they’re in but should always offer an actionable function associated to the application. For example:

  • The Order Printer application makes use of the app link on the Order Details page which gives the merchant the ability to print an invoice for that specific order

    App link order printer

  • The Digital Downloads application allows merchants to go directly to a product within the Shopify Admin and add a digital attachment right from the Application Links dropdown

    App link digital