Features for your client

Elaborate on the Shopify features that benefit them as shop owners. Talk about the ease in which they will be able to manage their products and content via the Shopify Admin section. Explain that they will have access to robust analytics that will help them make smart business decisions.

Getting started

In addition to the large assortment of customer-facing features, Shopify offers a world-class admin experience to help your clients manage their businesses. Shopify streamlines everything from operational tasks like inventory management and shipping calculations, to sales actions like generating discount codes and managing customer engagement.

Robust product management

With features like product vendors, tags, collections, and more, Shopify’s admin area helps your clients better organize and classify their products. These features also make it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Shopify has a full-featured product variant system that allows your clients to offer multiple styles, sizes, colors, etc. of any product they sell. Shopify even allows them to set product photos for each of these variants to help with sales and fulfillment.

With multiple products and variants, your clients will want to have a firm grasp on the available inventory of each and every product. Shopify’s built-in inventory management will keep track of inventory levels and make sure your clients do not over sell any unavailable products. These inventories sync between different sales channels as well, which makes selling online and in person a breeze.


In addition to providing tools to manage products, Shopify also features analytics and reports that can help track trends in your sales and shop traffic. Your clients can use this data to plan future products, better time marketing endeavors, and identify which sites and services are generating the most sales.

Other client feature examples

Shopify has a slew of other admin features that will make your client's life much easier. Whether it’s detailed customer profiles and coupon code generation, or auto calculating shipping costs and admin-side order creation, Shopify provides hundreds of features that will help them every day.

Finally, in addition to any help that you provide to your clients, Shopify has a large staff of support staff known as Gurus ready to answer any of your client’s questions. While it might not make sense for you to be on call after your project is over, you can let your clients rest easy knowing that the Shopify team is there to help 24/7.

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