Features for the customers of your clients

Once they understand what Shopify is, talk about the features that enable outstanding experiences for your client's customers. Explain that Shopify is a platform that allows complete customization of the way a shop looks and behaves.

Getting started

The number one goal for shop owners like your client is to create an exceptional experience for their customers. Having powerful tools for them to use are useless if they don’t have a shop that compels potential customers to buy their products.

Part of Shopify’s robust offering is a collection of features that customers are going to really appreciate. Whether it’s flexible checkout options or individual customer accounts, Shopify lets your client's customers pay exactly how they want. Cutting edge technology, rock solid hosting, and fast load times make sure their site is up and running whenever customers are ready to shop.


Unlike most other commerce platforms, Shopify lets you create a shop that is exactly what your client wants. While Shopify has a selection of available themes, Shopify really shines when you are creating an entirely custom store. Shopify provides partners like you with the tools to create any shopping experience that your clients can imagine.

Customer feature examples

Shopify easily integrates advanced accounts for customers to access billing/shipping info, order statuses, past orders, and more. Your client has the flexibility to choose if they want everyone to need an account, if people can choose, or if they want to have no accounts at all. It’s totally up to them, and they can change at any time.

Shopify also has industry-leading payment processing integrations. By incorporating payment technologies directly into Shopify’s checkout system, they have eliminated the frustration of having different processors and gateways just to take credit cards. As soon as your client opens their Shopify account, they’ll be ready to accept customer orders with very competitive rates. Of course, if they already have third-party accounts that they use for various services, Shopify easily integrates with all of the leading payment companies so you can get them up and running with little effort.

Other customer-facing Shopify features include the ability to issue and renew gift cards, commerce specific search optimization, rock solid hosting, fast page loads, and much more.

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