Looking forward

As you wrap up, make sure to impress upon them how forward looking Shopify is as a platform. Explain how Shopify’s merchant research and product development will provide their shop with cutting edge tools and features. Make sure they know the numerous businesses like theirs who run their shops with Shopify. Finally, reassure them that together, your partner expertise and Shopify’s powerful platform will be able to create a successful shop that helps them succeed.

Getting started

Finally, Shopify is always looking for ways to make its platform better. They look for ways to make the customer experience more enjoyable as well as working to improve the admin process. They introduce industry-leading features and open entirely new sales channels for their merchants.

When you and your clients choose to use Shopify, it’s like you’re getting a development team of hundreds that are there to make the shops you build as good as they can possibly be. In addition to adding large-scale features, Shopify also listens to customers and introduces requested features like variant product images and multiple language support.

Taking that idea one step forward, Shopify is constantly interacting with current and potential customers and developers to find every way that they can better serve their customers. Shopify talks directly with hundreds of shops every year to dive into their businesses and learn where they can provide more value. They look at how to build better services and how they can share those findings with the larger Shopify community. With initiatives like our seller blog and in-person events like our national Retail Tour, Shopify invests heavily in educating merchants.


You’ll find shops of all sizes using Shopify to create exceptional businesses. Each business has their own challenges and each merchant puts Shopify’s feature set to use in their own special way. At the end of the day, all of these shops have found that Shopify is powerful enough that their needs are easily met and that they are constantly using Shopify’s features to succeed and grow.

Paired with your talent and experience, we're confident that Shopify is up for whatever challenge your clients might have. And we are sure that Shopify will prove to be a valuable part of your clients' businesses both where they are today and as they grow.

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Use these slide decks to present Shopify to your clients so they will understand the features and benefits for their business.

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Use these slide decks to present Shopify Plus to your clients. Check out the Shopify Plus Toolkit for more resources to educate clients on the features and benefits of Shopify Plus.

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