Shopify's extensibility

Explain Shopify’s robust extensibility to your clients. Tell them about the large number of Shopify apps that can effortlessly be used for their shop. Describe to them how custom-built Shopify apps work and how you can build them an app that expertly fits their needs.

Getting started

As a partner, you likely know how incredibly extensible Shopify, is but your clients may not. It's important that your clients know that Shopify's APIs and theme system allow you to create anything that they could possibly want — from unique online customer experiences to built-from-scratch backend applications, nearly anything is possible using the developer tools available to you and your client.

Shopify apps

Many of the challenges your clients face will likely have been already solved by other developers within the Shopify community. Shopify's talented partners, like yourself, are constantly creating new applications that extend the platform’s functionality.

Pretty much every part of the process of operating a retail business is covered by the large selection of Shopify apps. There are apps dedicated to a wide range of business activities like helping to sell more product and better promote their brand, to apps that help them manage their payroll and calculate their taxes.

Integrations like these make it effortless for your clients to add world-class services into their shop. There are numerous third-party apps added to the Shopify ecosystem every month, each one further expanding your client's possibilities.

Custom-built apps

While there are more than a thousand Shopify apps created by other developers, sometimes your client may need something that just doesn’t exist yet. Luckily, Shopify allows you to create apps that are just for your clients. Using Shopify’s extensive APIs and talented developers like you, shops can leverage nearly every part of the Shopify platform to build an app that exactly meets their needs.

All of your client's shop content and data are accessible via Shopify’s API. From products and collections to pages and blog posts, anything in their shop can be created, edited, and enhanced using these tools.

The sheer size and power of what Shopify exposes via their API allows you to create apps that add any functionality your clients need to better run their businesses. Whether it’s a small task or a big task, creating a custom Shopify app is an effective way of getting exactly what they want.

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