Show an order confirmation page

If your store's legal business address is located in any region governed by European Union legislation, you might need to give your customers the opportunity to confirm their order before completing checkout.

You can display the order confirmation page by activating checkout confirmation in your Checkout settings:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings, then click Checkout.

  2. Find the Order processing section and select the Require a confirmation step checkbox.

    Checkout confirm checkbox

What your customers see at checkout

When Checkout confirmation is enabled, your customers will experience a three-page checkout. The final page gives them the opportunity to review their order before confirming it.

They can click on any of the Edit buttons on this third screen to go back to the relevant page and change the details.

Checkout page 3a

When they're happy to proceed with the order, they must click Complete my purchase to confirm. Otherwise, they can click cancel, and return to store to abandon checkout.

Checkout page 3b

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